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Friday, 15 August 2014

Whatever Next for London?: Swimming in the Thames?

It's early days yet, but serious consideration is being given to the idea of having fresh-water swimming pools, actually floating in the Thames.

Already architectural drawings have been produced which show a series of three pools to be located off Victoria Embankment.  One would be a 25 by 8 metre lap pool; another a 5 by 5 metre paddling pool; and the third a 12 by 8 metre plunge pool.  The baths would be attached to the shore by arm-like structures which will need to rise and fall with the tides each day.

The lido would take around 6 months to build, and cost £5.5 million.  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has already approved a £40,000 feasibility study for this major new initiative, "... a London Lido".  The structure could be built by next summer if planning is approved and the necessary funding raised.

Chris Romer-Lee, co-director of the design company Studio Octopi, asserts "Swimming in them would feel like you were swimming in the Thames without any of the danger of doing so.  We want to create a controlled environment where it is safe to wild swim."

We can only wait to see if this project comes off, but I can't help feeling optimistic.  This would be one more amazing feature for London, and situated very close to the proposed Garden Bridge which, hopefully, will be open in the next couple of years.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Building a Garden Bridge over the Thames

There are exciting plans to build a new bridge over the Thames.

This will have several distinctive aspects.  For a start, it will not be possible to cross the bridge by car or bus.  The bridge is primarily intended for use by pedestrians, although possibly cyclists will be able to use it as well.  And, distinctly, most of the bridge surface area will be taken up by plants.

This bridge, expected to cost around £150 million to build, is the brainchild of Joanna Lumley, the comedian.  The design is by Thomas Heatherwick.

Stretching around 1,200 feet, the bridge will connect Temple with the South Bank, situated between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge.  Construction is due to begin in 2015, with completion in 2017.

People will have the opportunity to wander around the bridge as they cross from one side to the other, stopping now and again to admire the plants and maybe talk with other people who are enjoying the unique river crossing.