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Friday, 8 August 2014

London - Fascinating Views from Maps of the City

One of the most amazing ways to see London is from close inspection of historic maps of the city.  Too much we take the current layout and structure of London for granted, and don't take into account how it has evolved over the last two thousands years.

If you are want to get further insights into how London has changed, then I recommend an exhibition soon to take place at Oxo Tower Wharf, a short way east of Festival Hall on the South Bank.  The exhibition runs from 4th to 8th September 2014.  This is part of September's Totally Thames festival which will emphasise the key role that the Thames plays in London life.

The maps on display cover a 450 year period, showing the changing and enlarging landscapes.  The first available map dates to 1572, and there are also three printed visual surveys of the capital from 1746, 1799 and 1827.  There is even a contemporary map of underground London, produced last year, which no doubt which have many curious features for people looking at it in a hundred years time.

Even if, up to now, you haven't had a particular interest in maps, this exhibition will nevertheless give you a new understanding of how London has become the way it is.  You can learn more of the London Maps exhibition, which includes a slideshow of some of the maps to be included in the exhibition.