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Monday, 7 July 2014

Tour de France into London - post race

On the whole, day 3 of this years Tour de France went smoothly enough, despite some spectators standing too close to the path of cyclists with temporary disruption a few times.

The third stage began in the picturesque location of Cambridge, with lots of imposing stone university colleges on view.  Good progress was made through the attractive sun-lit countryside of Essex before the riders entered the outskirts of London.

Very quickly the riders were entering the northern part of Olympic Park, then speeding down roads past the Velodrome, Copper Box, Aquatic Centre, Olympic Stadium, and the iconic red Orbit tower.

From there it was through residential suburbs to the Royal Docks, past City Airport, alongside Canary Wharf where a DLR train had been specially painted with the message 'Va Va Froome', then Tower Bridge and Tower of London, through the southern edge of the City of London, with the Thames on the left hand side, round the corner at Parliament House, up to Buckingham Palace, making one last turn, and then the final sprint up the Mall where the German ride Kittel managed to win a stage for the second time in three days.

The days events went very well, and the few days that the race was run in England turned out to be very successful.  From London's perspective, the main disappointment was the weather.  Earlier in the afternoon it had been pleasantly sunny, but by the time the cyclists hit London there was a drizzle of rain, and the sky was grey and grim.

From the helicopter where were shots of many recognisable landmarks, with excellent views into the grounds of the Tower of London, but the sights would have been more attractive to potential visitors to London if the weather had been sunnier.

Hopefully many people watching the race unfolding on tv screens around the world will have been surprised to see how beautiful much of the English countryside is, and how stunning so many of the historic and modern buildings in central London, not to mention the extensive green parks.

When will the Tour de France next have stages in neighbouring England?  We want you back!